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The International Human Variome Project Planning Meeting held in Spain in May, 2008, indicated that the greatest life science project -- Human Genome Project has moved onto the stage of clinical research and application. Dr. Ming Qi, Director and Professor of Zhejiang University Center for Genetic and Genomic Medicine, attended this conference and announced that China will participate the international collaboration program. Qi also signed up China for InSiGHT, the new member of HVP. From the 1% of HVP to 10% of HapMap to now, Chinese colleagues are willing and able to make more and more contributions to the human genome research program with other countries. After coordination of several months, the Chinese Consortium (HVP-CHINA: officially started at the Beijing International Forum of Genomic Medicine, Nov 1, 2008. A/Prof. James Kaput, the Director of the Department of Personalized Nutrition and Medicine of USFDA, representing the HVP Convenor Prof. Richard Cotton, to celebrate and witness this significant moment. Two other invited noble guests were Dr. Heidi Relm, Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine of Harvard-Partner Center for Genetics and Genomics, and Dr. Patrick Willems, CEO of Global Genetic Diagnostic Network GENDIA. They gave the keynote presentation on advances of personalized medicine and the applications of genetic testing.

  The first assembly of HVP-CHINA participants includes 3 groups of leaders of 11 institutions from 5 different Chinese provinces: 1) analytic platforms of genomics: Dr. Ming Qi from Zhejiang University Certer for Genetic and Genomic Medicine, Dr. Wenli Ma from Institute of Bioengineering of Southern Medical University; 2) National Clinical networks: Breast cancer 每 Drs. Xishan Hao and Jin Zhang from Tianjin Cancer Hospital and Dr. Zhijian Xu from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Colorectal cancer 每 Dr. Shu Zheng from Zhejiang University Medical School 2nd Affiliated Hospital and Drs. Mingqing Chen and Jian Dong from Kunming Medical College 1st Affiliated Hospital; Gastric cancer 每 Dr. Youming Li from Zhejiang University Medical School 1st Affiliated Hospital; Lung cancer 每Drs. Shenglin Ma and Weimin Mao from Zhejiang Provincial Hospital; Hearing loss 每 Dr. Qiuju Wang from Beijing PLA General Hospital and Dr. Renzhong Luo from Guangzhou Children*s Hospital; Sport Genomic Medicine 每 Jun-fang Wei from Zhejiang University; 3) database and bioinformatics: Drs. Jun Zhu, Yueting Zhuang and Baogang Wei from Zhejiang University National Computer Center. The general coordinator of HVP-CHINA is Dr. Ming Qi. The database general manager is Peikuan Cong. The participants also include 25 student volunteers from Zhejiang University Medical School and College of Life Science led by Tian Zhang from the National Training Base for Fundamental Science and Yudong Gao from department Bioengineering.


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