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Chinese Student Volunteer Club for HVP was officially formed at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou China on Nov 3, 2008. The International Human Variome Project is the global initiative to collect and curate all human genetic variation affecting human health. This is a huge and long time project. It will require efforts from generations of scientists and physicians of genomic medicine. This club aims to attract the future scientists and physicians to participate in this important program. It is associated to the HVP-CHINA based on Zhejiang UniversityCenter for Genetic and Genomic Medicine directed by Dr. Ming Qi. Currently, the club has 25 student volunteers from Zhejiang University Medical School and College of Life Science led by Tian Zhang from the National Training Base for Fundamental Science and Yudong Gao from department of Bioengineering.

A/Prof. James Kaput, the Director of the Department of Personalized Nutrition and Medicine of USFDA, representing the HVP Convenor Prof. Richard Cotton, came to Hangzhou to celebrate and witness this special moment. The kickoff of the Chinese Student Volunteer Club for HVP was through an internet tele-conference connected with Dr. Donna Maglott at NCBI, USA, Prof. Finlay Macrae of InSiGHT at Melbourne, AU, A/Prof. Steven Brenner from UC, Berkeley and Dr. George Patrinos at Rotterdam. The club is planning to have serious webinars by the world leading experts.



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